François M. WERNERUS
56 U Fondu, 20214 Calenzana (Corsica), France

TEL: +33-(0)4 95 62 79 07 or +33-(0)6 89 82 62 29

More and more managers and decision-makers use the services of independent consultants. The advantages of doing so are numerous and include availability at short-notice, initiative, or reduced costs.
Years of experience working in many different countries and cultural environments have allowed me to develop qualities that are essential to international consultants: excellent inter-personnal skill, independence associated with an excellent team-oriented spirit, adaptability and discipline, diplomacy and cultural awareness, and, above all, the ability to successfully complete a contract in a timely manner, even in difficult working conditions.
Totally mobile and available at short-notice, I look for short-, or long-term, contracts. I hold a full driving licence, a boating licence and a Private Pilot licence. Do not hesitate to contact me, or to take a look at my full curriculum vitae.


Over twenty-five years of professional experience, including fifteen years at the international level, of which eight years in a senior position (Task/Team Leader or Chief Scientist). Extensive field work experience mainly in the Mediterranean area and North Africa (Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Croatia, Turkey, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco), the Caribbean (West Indies), South America (Guyana), the Persian Gulf (Kuwait, Iran), the Arabian Sea (Pakistan), West Africa (Congo, Gabon, Senegal, Sierra Leone), East Africa (Kenya, Somalia and Tanzania), the Indian Ocean (Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles) and the Pacific Ocean (Fiji).

Performed numerous research and development programmes addressing a wide range of ICZM components, such as water quality monitoring, pollution environmental damage assessment (oil spills, air-borne pollution, industrial discharges, urban waste water, macrowastes), environmental impact assessments (including waste water ocean discharge, coastal engineering, coastal erosion, harbour and other coastal developments) fisheries monitoring and assessment, ecological surveys, underwater habitat mapping, natural resource assessment, or environmental studies (including protected area management plan, zonation, monitoring programme).

Designed and implemented aquaculture development projects (with special interest in sustainable development issues). Extensive experience in live fish trade. Managed, or actively took part in, international and multidisciplinary research programmes (experience in leading teams of scientists and technicians of diverse nationality and cultural background). Experience in designing, implementing and supervising fisheries surveys and oceanographic cruises. Experience in using oceanographic research vessels (including as Team Leader) and oceanographic instruments (Nansen/Niskin bottles, Van Veen bottom sampler, current meters, CTD, drogues, plankton net, etc), and fisheries gear (trawl, traps, gillnets). Sampling for physico-chemical analysis of seawater and sediments (including pollutants), analysis and interpretation of laboratory results. Performed bathymetry surveys (sea floor mapping), from a boat, or using an AUV, or underwater using SCUBA diving. Extensive SCUBA diving experience. Diving Instructor with over 2000 hours under water, experience of deep diving (maximum depth reached: 100 m). Twenty years experience in driving and handling boats (High Seas Boating Licence). Over forty publications and professional reports.


PhD Zoology (Marine Biology), University of Liege (Belgium) - Certificate in Marine Ecology, University Pascal Paoli (Corsica) - Certificate of Behavioural Ecology of fresh water fishes, University Claude Bernard (Lyon I, France) - MSc Zoology, University of Liege (Belgium) - BSc Biology, University of Liege (Belgium).


French (native), English (totally fluent), Italian (good), Dutch (basic)


Europe: the Netherlands, France (mainland Atlantic and Mediterranean coast, Corsica), Italy (incl. Sardegna & Sicily)
South-East Europe: Croatia, Turkey
North Africa: Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco
West Africa: Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone
East Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania and Zanzibar
Indian Ocean: Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles
Pacific Ocean: Fiji
Middle East: Kuwait, Iran
Asia: Pakistan
Caribbean: St Croix (USVI)
South America: Guyana
USA: California

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